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Abiorugu is a new monster introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Season Forward 3. It is the first Brute Wyvern in the Frontier series.

It attacks with a combination of bites and tail-swings. It can slam its tail to the ground, dealing massive damage, and can also fire spikes from its tail. It utilizes a breath attack as well that inflicts the Defense Down ailment. When enraged, tips of its back plates turn red.

Its skull protrudes from the top of its head, forming bony plates. Its tail is thick, and ends in a knife-shaped protrusion, which is used both offensively and defensively. Lastly, it uses the plates on its back to regulate its temperature, making Abiorugu able to tolerate both cold and warm locations. Because of this ability, it can be found in multiple habitats, similar to the third generation's Deviljho.


  • Abiorugu's head can be broken twice. The first time one of his head crests will break, and the second time one of his fangs will be broken and his face will be scarred(similar to Deviljho). His tail spikes and bladed tail can be broken as well (although the main body of the tail cannot be cut off).
  • Abiorugu's back plates will become either red or yellow when it enters Rage mode.
  • Abiorugu only gives 3 carves.

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