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This Leviathan is an icy subspecies of Agnaktor that first appears in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and subsequently Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. It attacks with a beam composed of ice and water, similar to the normal Agnaktor's fire beam, that inflicts Waterblight. Unlike the normal Agnaktor, it can sweep the beam from side to side as well as moving it in circles. Its ice armor works in reverse to the normal Agnaktor - it hardens when it burrows and softens over time. It also possesses several attacks that take advantage of its slippery environment, such as a belly-slide and a sliding double-hipcheck. It also appears to have a longer, harder and sharper beak, useful for digging through the hard Tundra earth.


  • When low on stamina, it won't be able to fire its ice beam, much like the normal Agnaktor.
    • It recovers stamina by preying on a Herbivore, such as a Bullfango or Anteka.
  • Agnaktor Subspecies are smaller in size than their volcano dwelling cousins.
  • It fires its sweeping water beam more often than its straight water beam, unlike the Agnaktor, where it fires its straight fire beam more often than the sweeping fire beam.
  • This Subspecies is also known as the Frozen Halberd Wyvern.
  • Unlike the regular Agnaktor, its armor is restored whenever it burrows.
  • Using Fire element weapons will cause its armor of ice to melt faster rather than waiting for it to melt itself.
  • Unlike the regular Agnaktor, Agnaktor Subspecies has no armour on its chest, allowing players to attack there without weapons bouncing.
  • Unlike Agnaktor, Agnaktor Subspecies takes longer when burrowing into the ground, leaving the hunter able to make a few hits, sharpen weapons, heal, etc.
  • The hunter can notice when the Agnaktor Subspecies melts its own ice armor; a mist will appear at the part of the armor where the hunter hits, then it will melt.
  • There is an event quest, "Solid & Liquid" that features both Agnaktor Subspecies and Barroth Subspecies. The Quest Rewards unlock Solid Snake Armor for Felyne Comrades.

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