Akura Vashimu is a scorpion-like carapaceon that is thus far exclusive to Monster Hunter Frontier. The Akura Vashimu has blue-purple crystals growing on its claws, back, and tail tip. It has a huge geode mineral on its tail tip that shoots out a high-pressure venom at its enemies, causing them to be semi-frozen (like the Snowman effect) and lose all stamina (like the Chameleos gas effect). The Akura rests and hides underground, protruding its large mineral tail tip on the surface. If it is aware of nearby enemies, its tail breaks out of the sand and swings around violently, hurting anything nearby. It is possible to temporarily break the tail crystal, but the geode will quickly grow back. Its attack pattern and breakable parts may depend on the colour of its blood (grey, red, green, blue) but if it's red, then it will signify that Akura Vashimu is near death.

How to cut Akura Vashimu's tailEdit

Unlike Elder Dragons, where their health must be below a certain level before the tail can be cut, or unlike Nargacuga, where players have to scar the tail, then cut the tip when it's enraged, Akura Vashimu's tail-cutting method is quite unique.

First, its head crystals must be broken, then the crystals on its pincers, then the pincers themselves. Next, it must be releasing blue blood, struck repeatedly on the head to flip it onto its back - and only then can the tail be cut. The severed tail will yield 1 carve.

Akura Vashimu is unique in that it will eat its own tail in order to regain it.

However, when in his Blue Blood Phase, with all of the crystals broken and the tail ready to be cut, the Akura Vashimu will attempt to recover his lost crystals by releasing the large crystal on his tail and then spray himself with his crystalizing beam. He only does this in rage mode and if succesful, the player will have to redo the whole process. In essence, allowing him to succeed will mean that there won't be any tail cut.


  • Akura Vashimu is the first Carapaceon monster to actually Roar.
  • Akura Vashimu is also the first Carapaceon monster to limp when weakened.
  • It is totally immune to all Status Effects, apart from K.O.
  • Akura Vashimu is also immune to all elemental damage, except for a small, equal vulnerability to all elements on its tail when fought at a HR below HR100. At HR100 the tail also becomes immune to all elements.
  • Unlike other Carapaceons (Daimyo Hermitaur, Plum Daimyo Hermitaur, Shogun Ceanataur, Terra Shogun Ceanataur, and Shen Gaoren) Akura Vashimu is the first Carapaceon that doesn't resemble a crustacean.
  • Akura Vashimu's tail can be cut.

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