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Altaroth are an ant-like Neopteron. They live mostly in tall, narrow columns found in the Sandy Plains and are a favorite food of Rangurotora and Barroth. They are also found in a wide range of other warm habitats (i.e. Volcano, Flooded Forest, Sandy Plains, Deserted Island and Mountain Peaks). They can shoot a greenish-yellowish liquid from their abdomens, which will inflict a temporary defense drop. Like other Neopterons, they shatter into pieces when killed and must be poisoned for their bodies to be carved.

An interesting note about the Altaroth is that they can absorb mushrooms, berries, and other resources into the sac on their back. When hunters kill an Altaroth in this state, they will drop a shiny item depending on what they have absorbed. This can be taken to an advantage; if a hunter were to intercept and collect the resource the Altaroth was heading for, before the Altaroth reaches their target, the Altaroth will move on, and can be forced to consume one specific type of plant or mushroom. The hunter can then kill the Altaroth to gain the item dropped. The swelling of their sacs is indicated by different colors depending on what they have eaten.


  • Altaroth may also climb up vines and rough rock walls, much like hunters. This can be seen in the Flooded Forest, where in Area 8, Altaroth climb vines to reach mushrooms on the higher level.
  • Smaller Altaroth will not attack unless one other of their kind has been attacked. The larger ones, however, will attack as soon as they spot a hunter and order the rest of the swarm to attack as well. 
  • The larger ones will not absorb any of the resources in their area unlike their smaller kin.

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