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The Apceros are herbivores and the evolutionary cousins of the Aptonoth. They are much better equipped for dealing with predators, sporting thick armor plates on their heads and backs, as well as spiked, club-like tails for defense.

Apceros are territorial monsters and will attack any intruder on sight. Their hard shell and thick skin protect them from heat. Normally, they can only be found in hot areas like Deserts and Volcanos. They won't give up fighting until the enemy has fallen or they are dead. Usually, they attack by headbutting and whipping foes with their spiked tails.


  • The Apceros closely resemble the real-world Ankylosaurus, featuring similar armor plating and tail club.
  • When provoked, an Apceros will slowly close in on a hunter, until they are close enough to headbutt or tail swipe. This can be highly annoying while trying to hunt a larger, more dangerous monster, as it limits the hunters' ability to move.

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