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The Aptonoth is a common Herbivore monster with dark gray skin and black stripes along its back. It has a large crest protruding from its head, which it uses in conjunction with its barbed, spiked tail to defend itself. They are closely related to the more aggressive Apceros. These weak monsters pose almost no threat to hunters.

These docile creatures are hunted by humans and other monsters for their meat. They always travel in groups. When one Aptonoth is threatened, others will run away for safety, but sometimes the alpha male of the Aptonoth will attempt to fight back before fleeing himself. These weak monsters are low on the food chain. They are found in a wide range of habitats, from dense Jungles to humid Swamps and even tropical islands. In Monster Hunter Tri, they seem much more alert and are able to stand up on their hind legs for brief periods. They have also been observed to lie down when not under threat. If a predator is in the same area, they will become extremely restless, groan, and move around frequently. If the predator is large enough, they will flee the area completely.


  • In Monster Hunter Tri, killing a large Aptonoth in the Moga Woods can yield a Super-Sized Dung as a reward for Hunters after turning in the kills to Junior, the Chief's Son.
  • In Monster Hunter Tri, if a large monster is in an adjacent area to the herd, they will crowd together and look around warily.
  • If a large, predatory monster is in the same area as Aptonoth and its stamina is low, it will often go kill and devour an individual. Such monsters include Rathalos, Rathian, Jinouga, and Tigrex.
  • Aptonoth carcasses are relatively common throughout many of the areas in Monster Hunter Tri.
    • Even though Aptonoth do not live in cold regions, there is an Aptonoth carcass in Area 7 of the Tundra, possibly carried there by a wyvern.

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