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Arzuros (アオアシラ) is the first bear-like monster in the Monster Hunter series. It first appeared in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Arzuros is very fond of honey and will attack any hunter trying to gather it. Arzuros is seen regularly by Yukumo villagers in the Mountain Peaks but it also goes to the Deserted Island.

Despite its size, it can attack with both power and agility. It mainly attacks using its muscular arms with sharp claws and spikes. Though it inhabits the Mountain Stream with the Zinogre, the two do not compete for food, as the Arzuros eats fish and honey while Zinogre is a large predator. It has been confirmed that Arzuros is a Pelagus, making it related to Lagombi and Rangurotora. It often hangs its tongue out of its mouth, presumably to help get rid of the immense amount of body heat it produces.


  • Arzuros eats honey to recover Stamina.
  • Arzuros has a Pin Attack, much like some of the monsters in Monster Hunter 3. Failing to break free from the pin attack will result in Arzuros stealing Honey from the hunter and eating it (if the hunter has Honey in his/her inventory), which is a good idea since it barely deals any damage and it will ignore any attacks dealt to it while eating and makes its usually difficult to reach arms to be easily attacked.
  • The guards of its forelegs can be broken. Doing so will leave it more likely to fall over after charging.
  • It is the target of the first village Urgent Quest.
  • Arzuros is most vulnerable to Fire on its head, body and front legs, and weakest to Ice on its hind legs and rear.
  • Throwing a Sonic Bomb, or exploding a Small/Large Barrel Bomb next to it, will startle Arzuros momentarily.
  • Throwing a Dung Bomb at Arzuros will not only make it escape to another Area, but will also drop a shiny. However, this only works once per hunt. The shiny are usually Pelagus Tears and sometimes Arzuros pelt.

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