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The Azure Hypnocatrice is a colour-swap of the Hypnocatrice. It debuted in Monster Hunter Frontier alongside the Akura Vashimu, and is thus far exclusive to the game. The Azure Hypnocatrice is stronger than its other two counterparts, with a different moveset.

It is only found in one area, the Great Forest Peak, high above the Great Forest. Very few other species of monster can be found there.

Once players reach HR71+ they are able to hunt the Azure Hypnocatrice.


  • At first, Azure Hypnocatrice sleeps until it is awaken by a hunter.
  • Moveset-wise, its new attacks focus on kicking, stomping and charging.
  • Note that the Sound Theme for Azure Hypnocatrice is similar to the Sound Theme for Lao-Shan Lung; Fort, Area 2 to 4.

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