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A subspecies of Barioth that first appears in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. The Barioth Subspecies lives in the Sandy Plains. It is capable of creating a large dust devil, which it often uses to propel itself at hunters. It has adapted an orange-yellow color, probably to blend into the desert, although it has a darker colored red head and deep blue tusks.


  • Just like usual Barioth, its tusks can be broken, both wings can be damaged and the tail can be severed and carved one time. It will also take more time to recover after a leap or a sky pounce (in that case, it will sometimes drop a shiny) if both wings are damaged.
  • When low on stamina, it preys on Rhenoplos.
  • Like Diablos and Hapurubokka, it will go and sleep in Area 11 when weak.
  • Just after a side tackle/hipcheck, it will sometimes immediately jump backwards to face the hunter anew and chain them with a charge or a bite.
  • Even when the wing spikes are broken, it will only loose its grip on the sand occasionally.
  • Whenever the wind gust fades out while Barioth Sub tries to use a Tornado Jump, it will taunt for a few seconds after it failed its move.

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