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A blue and white subspecies of Barroth that lives in the Tundra. Known as the Icy Barroth. Its roar in the cave areas cause icicles to fall down.

The Barroth Subspecies' charge in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd seems to be a little slower than Barroth's charge in Monster Hunter 3, which could be an indication that the Barroth Subspecies as a whole isn't as fast as its muddy counterpart. The Ice Barroth's crown is also somewhat larger than its desert cousin; this may be to warm the air it breathes.

When weakened, Ice Barroth will limp into Area 1 much like the Deviljho and break into the Secret Areas of Area 8 and 9. However, this time the Secret Areas will appear on the map. The Barroth Subspecies can be tricked into breaking into the areas without entering them by being lured into hitting the barriers with certain attacks.


  • Ice Barroth eats from Bnahabra nests near the ground to recover Stamina.
  • Just like the normal Barroth, its scalp can be broken off and carved.
  • Instead of rolling in mud like its desert relative, it rolls in snow, inflicting Snowman instead of Muddy.
  • Similarly to its desert counterpart, ice can be knocked off of its body, which occasionally results in a Shiny Drop (Wyvern Tears, Wyvern Sobs and Frozen Mucus Chunk).
  • It has some new attacks, one of which involves it tossing three large chunks at the Hunter using its head. Barroth's most notable new move is a powerful charge that can perform a U-turn. The Barroth Subspecies also has another unique attack, where it slams its head, causing ice to splash out, then quickly moves backwards and slams again.

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