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Castle Series does have a wiki in here in wikia but it is abandoned by the Founder, so this is considered to be a property of Cartoons and Fiction Wiki. But this is not created by the Founder, it's idea of Oscar Johansson.


Beecher is the sniper of an elite-team of people who are able to do extremely dangerous missions.


Castle IIEdit

Beecher's first appearance was when he was in the helicopter he nudged the ladder on the side to help Etrius.

Castle III part AEdit

In the helicopter with Etrius after escaping the second castle, they land on a helicopter pad as Etrius is taken to a medical room. As the General walks in, Beecher gives him the second book.

Castle III part BEdit

Beecher enters a room with Etrius in it. He tells him that its been nonstop for 46 hours. Lloyd enters the room telling them that they have confirmed the location of the third castle, so they get on the helicopter and fly to the castle. When they make it, Beecher tells Boomer to blowup a door. Boomer blowsup the door and they go through. They find the Altar room as Etrius and the General go to the centre.

Castle III part CEdit

As Beecher ignores Romanov warning, there suddenly hear a gunshot. Beecher runs to the centre of the room. When he makes it he finds out that the General killed Etrius. He shouts at Lloyd telling him to stop the General. After Lloyd stops him there are attacked by creature. as the floor begins to crack they, Beecher jumps to the other side, but now Lloyd is stuck on the other side as Beecher and Boomer watch helplessly as he is trapped. They escape the room before the door frame collapses.

Castle III part DEdit

After escaping the Altar room they were suddenly attacked by flying demons and creature. As one of the flying demon crashed on the bridge, the soldiers killed it but it crashed on the bridge again coursing it to break. they made it to the courtyard and got into the helicopters, Beecher tried to snipe the creature that are on one of the helicopters that had to much weight on it as creatures jumped on it causing it to crash land.

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