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The Black Diablos is a subspecies of the Diablos. Like its relative, it is only known to inhabit desert areas. Although it is more aggressive than the normal Diablos and is a different color, it performs the same attacks, albeit more powerfully.


  • The Black Diablos first appeared in Monster Hunter G (Japan) and Monster Hunter Freedom (PAL).
  • Throwing a Sonic Bomb while the Black Diablos is underground will surprise it and cause it to become stuck in the ground. However, this does not work when it is in Rage.
  • It was confirmed in both an official Monster Hunter Encyclopaedia and the creature's Monster Hunter Portable 3rd in-game description that Black Diablos is not a true subspecies, but is in fact a female Diablos during the mating season; hormones are responsible for the colour change.
  • Black Diablos returned in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd for High Rank quests.
    • Black Diablos' attacks in 3rd are the same as the common Diablos in the same game, but it catapults itself out of the ground more often than its ordinary counterpart. In fact, it uses this move as often as the Diablos met in Tri.
    • Interestingly, some brown markings are visible on Black Diablos in P3rd, further supporting the idea that Black Diablos is a usual member of its species with color changes due to hormones.

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