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Brachydios is a Brute Wyvern introduced in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the 3DS. It is bright indigo in coloring, but sports vivid green arms and a bright green horn, both of which it keeps covered in explosive plasma. Brachydios inhabits the Volcano and fights in a unique way; although it attacks physically with punches and horn-thrusts, it also leaves spots of plasma dotted around the area, which explode after a set amount of time.

The puddles of plasma Brachydios deposists in the area gradually turn red before exploding. The slime itself is also sticky; if a Hunter is struck directly by one of Brachydios' fists, the slime will adhere to the Hunter, and eventually explode. Fortunately, it can be removed by rolling or using a Deodorant.
Brachydios is also capable of smashing its horn directly into the ground, creating an explosion that covers a large area in front of it. Unlike most Brute Wyverns, Brachydios is capable of leaping fair distances.

Its arms turn yellow when enraged; the puddles created in this state also explode faster than normal. In addition, every attack Brachydios performs whilst enraged causes a localised explosion.


  • When the Hunter is struck by Brachydios' punch, a new status effect indicated by green slime is inflicted. This status can be cured by rolling on the ground, just as with Fireblight. If not cured immediately, the slime will then turn from green to yellow to red before exploding and dealing damage. It may also be ignited prematurely if the Hunter takes a direct attack from Brachydios.
  • Both arms and Brachydios' horn can be broken, and its tail can be severed. However, this does not affect its ability to leave puddles of slime on the ground.
  • Brachydios will eventually fail to leave behind puddles of slime following its attacks. It can, however, restore this slime by licking its arms.
  • Brachydios preys on Rhenoplos, Popo and Aptonoth in the Volcano, Tundra and Deserted Island respectively to recover stamina.
  • According to its Ecology video, Brachydios is powerful enough to kill an Agnaktor.
  • Kaname Fujioka, the project manager, was interviewed about Brachydios:
  • The luminous "pads" on Brachydios's arms are often mistaken for fists. However, upon closer inspection, curved talons can be seen underneath.
  • Brachydios can also be fought in Challenge-Quest 01. Watch the video below to see a Greatsword fight against him.

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