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The "Bright Hypnocatrice" is a color-swap of the Hypnocatrice. It debuted in Monster Hunter Frontier alongside the Red Lavasioth. It is thus far exclusive to Monster Hunter Frontier. Like the original Hypnocatrice, the Bright Hypnocatrice can be found in the Great Forest.

The Bright Hypnocatrice is a regular male Hypnocatrice during the mating season; the purpose of the blue plumage is to attract a mate. It is speculated that this species has an incredible mating dance, similar to that of the peafowl. Hunters can hunt Bright Hypnocatrice at HR31+. As of Monster Hunter Frontier Season Forward 1, Bright Hypnocatrice has a HC version, which can perform powerful, erratic jumping attacks, and release a pink gas from beneath its body, which causes KO.

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