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The Bulldrome is the Alpha leader of the Bullfangos, and is much stronger and larger. It is known that it has exceptional tracking skills.

Bulldromes can be found in the Snowy Mountains or Swamps, and in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, the Mountain Peaks and Tundra. Bulldromes have a larger tusk than a Bullfango, and a layer of white fur, as opposed to Bullfango's black fur. Bulldromes are more agile at running and proficient at finding and locking onto its victim. It can be very aggressive to its pack of Bullfango when it wants to eat.


  • In Area 8 of the Swamp, there's a giant Bullfango that appears to attack with the Bulldrome in the Quest 'Charge....Charge.....Charge!'.
  • In various quests, Bulldromes appear alongside larger monsters, such as Gypceros. Some of these quests can be found in the 7* Nekoht Quests.
  • The largest Bulldrome in MHFU is 3 times taller than a hunter. It can be fought in "Challenge Quest 5" of the Training school (Group Training).
  • In Monster Hunter 2, players are able to fight a Bulldrome in the Jungle. However, these quest are removed in MHF2/MHFU. (It can only be fought in the Jungle alongside other monsters.)
  • Bulldrome is able to dig, though it does this very rarely [1] This appears to be bulldromes way of getting back into the area if it goes out of bounds.
  • Bulldrome returns in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.
  • Bulldrome rarely charges up its charge attack, more often then not just doing quick charging.
  • In MHP3rd, High-rank Bulldrome gets a new attack where it charges at the hunter, then circles around and charges again, and then it circles again and does a third charge.
  • When weakened in Monster Hunter Frontier, the Bulldrome flees and rests in Area 9 of the Jungle and Area 7 of the Swamp.
  • Bulldromes can even be found in the Tower, in a specific Quest unique to Monster Hunter Frontier.
  • Bulldromes weakness to thunder is gigantic, one of the largest weaknesses in the game.

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