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The Bullfango are aggressive wild boars. These Pelagus are sometimes found in packs and will charge at all intruders once noticed. They are very territorial, and can be a considerable nuisance. Although veteran hunters can generally take them out easily, they can be dangerous for beginners and may even pose a threat to more experienced hunters when several attack at once. They can be extremely irritating when fighting a large monster in their territory; their charges may come unexpected from behind and knock the hunter to the ground, leaving them at the mercy of the larger monster.

There are leaders to the Bullfango pack, larger-sized Bullfango with a few tufts of silver hair known as the Bulldrome which can be almost two to three times the size of the average Bullfango.


  • There are multiple, unusually large Bullfangos found in certain quests. These special Bullfango have more health than normal Bullfango.

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