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A subspecies of Ceadeus in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. It is the HR6 Urgent quest to unlock G-Rank quests in Tanjia Port.

Seemingly an older species of Ceadeus, Ceadeus Subspecies is of a darker coloring, being a speckled black and gold with a lighter colored mane. Unlike the regular Ceadeus, both of its horns are large and overgrown, overtaking its remaining eye. Also unlike the normal Ceadeus, both horns can be cut off which allows for four carves for the hunter who succeeds in doing this.

Ceadeus Subspecies is, along with the normal Water Blast, also able to use a second version of it. This additional water beam, instead of being fired from up to down, is swept from its right to left. Ceadeus Subspecies can also ascend to a high point in the ruins quickly, before firing a sweeping Water Blast which can be tricky to avoid.


  • The quest's time limit is 50 minutes as opposed to the original species' 30.
  • Instead of being fought as it travels through the areas of the Underwater Ruin, Ceadeus Subspecies is fought solely in the final area.
  • Unlike the regular Ceadeus, Ceadeus Subspecies cannot be repelled, and must be slain in one quest.
  • Both of Ceadeus Subspecies' horns can be broken and carved.

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