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A small, blue Carapaceon known as the Ceanataur. It is a younger version of the much larger Shogun Ceanataur. They live mainly in Volcanoes. Their extremely sharp claws allow them to tunnel through the volcanic rock in their habitats. The shell on their back was actually grown by the crab itself, only when they grow much larger, into a Shogun Ceanataur, they will replace it with a Gravios skull. Although they are actually young Shogun Ceanataurs, they appear simply as a re-colored Hermitaur with sharper claws, leg stubs and a higher-edge shell. They are able to spit a small ball of purple fluid at an enemy, poisoning them. Sometimes, a Ceanataur may wait beneath the ground for prey or a hunter to pass, jumping out of ground and striking them when they walk over. A Ceanataur that's burrowed underground can be spotted by the puffs of dust that it regularly spits out.

It is related to the Hermitaur, a red Carapaceon that lives in Deserts and Jungles.


  • Throwing a Sonic Bomb near a Ceanataur will briefly immobilize it. Small Barrel Bombs thrown by a Felyne Comrade wll also have the same effect.

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