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Cephadrome are sand swimming creatures of the desert. They have younger minions named Cephalos. Cephadrome have brownish-green skin, which is actually black, but appears as such due to the sand packed in between its scales, and yellow eyes. They have a flat, diamond-shaped head much like a hammerhead shark, fins, and a tail that help propel themselves through the sand. Cephadrome can only survive in deserts. Their body shapes have adapted to swimming through the sands, and have turned extremely streamlined.

The most sensitive parts of their bodies are their stomach and dorsal fin, which can be broken for reward Items. While swimming they have been known to paralyze prey with their dorsal fin, but can be easily avoided by using a sonic bomb which will startle them out of the sand because of their very sensitive hearing (like the Plesioth). They are most damaged by thunder elemented weapons. Their caution in fighting causes them to run away frequently by diving into the sand. They use hipchecks, tail swipes, and shoot sand streams to damage hunters. When weak, its dorsal fin flattens down.

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