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The Cephalos are younger forms of the sand-dwelling Cephadrome. These minions are surprisingly social, swimming through the loose sand and hunting in packs. They are predatory, and can work together to defeat creatures many times their size. Mildly aggressive, they can become a nuisance when fighting other monsters. Cephalos body shapes are streamlined and flat, to help them swim through the sand. The Guild rewards hunters who retrieve Piscine Livers from these monsters.


  • Cephalos are vulnerable to loud noises, and will emerge from the sand if a sonic bomb is used. They are also affected by the loud noises produced by small barrel bombs and the cries of large desert wyverns such as Monoblos, Diablos and Tigrex.
  • Cephalos is unique among minions as it has a breakable part - its fin. Breaking this does not affect rewards.
  • Cephalos is also the only minion in MHFU that has the exclamation mark above its head when it spots a hunter. Most large wyverns have this.

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