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The Conga are medium size, pink-furred Pelagus that inhabit the Jungles and Swamps. They are known for their ability to charge at hunters, like Bullfangos (but slower), travel in packs, and to fart on hunters. They resemble pink gorillas with a face of a hippopotamus, black underbellies and have a blonde patch of hair on top of their head. The alpha leaders of the Conga are the Congalala and Emerald Congalala. There exists a similar ape-like monster called the Blango, who are lead by a Blangonga. Although Green Congalala exists, there are no Green Conga. The reason Emerald Congalala are green is that they ate more plants than meat. This may be a Pelagus trait, as there are Copper Blangonga but no brown Blango. It may affect only certain monsters, depending on what events occur to them.


  • Congas can occasionally be seen sleeping if not disturbed.

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