English Name: Delma-Ioprey
Nicknames: None
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Romaji: Derumaiosu
Japanese Name: デルマイオス
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Description and Information
Species: Bird Wyvern
Element/s: Unknown
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Weakest to: On the throat
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Habitats: Forests
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Monsters in Relation: None
Chronological Appearances
First US/EU Appearance: None as of yet
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Latest Appearance: {{{last}}}
Generation: None as of yet

Delma-Ioprey is a large Bird Wyvern that has only been featured in the MH Orage manga. Its body resembles that of a falcon or eagle. It forms a petrifying saliva that it can throw at enemies and has a breath that crystalizes its enemies into glass or dulls your weapons immediatly. [1].


  • It has thin and fleshy skin on the throat area, making it its most weak spot. Huge damage is done to this area with Pierce bullets from a Bowgun [2].
  • The materials of the Delma-Ioprey are dark and glittery [3].
  • Despite its name, it has no known relation to a monster of a similar name, Ioprey, apart from both being in the same Bird Wyvern monster type.


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