Real Name Rita Farr
Species Genetically Altered Human
Affiliations Doom Patrol,
Teen Titans
Friends Robot Man,
Negative Man
Family Mento (husband),
Beast Boy (adopted son)
Powers & Abilities Size manipulation (shrinking and growth)
Enhanced Physical Strength and Stamina (through size manipulation)
First Appearance Homecoming - Part 1
Voiced By Tara Strong

Elasti-Girl (also known as Rita by her teammates) is a member of the Doom Patrol, the quirky superhero team that took Beast Boy into their ranks before he joined up with the Titans. Elasti-Girl is able to grow to incredible size to gain the upper hand in battle.


Elasti-Girl served as a mother figure role to Beast Boy when he was still a Doom Patrol member, and is usually the first to show disagreement with how Mento treats him. She seems to be the only one Mento regards higher than his own duties as leader and superhero, and a heavily implied romantic interest is between the two.

Appears in: » Homecoming - Part 1» Homecoming - Part 2

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