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The Emerald Congalala is color variant of the Congalala that eats mostly plants, causing its fur to turn green. It has a beard and a bigger hair crown, and is more aggressive than the normal Congalala. The Congalala weapons from Monster Hunter Freedom 2 can be upgraded using Emerald Congalala materials for more attack power.

When the Emerald Congalala eats the object that its tail is holding it can breathe out a variety of dangerous stomach fluids. If it consumes a mushroom, depending on what kind, the breath will cause either Poison, Sleep, Paralysis or even become flaming. If something else is eaten, the breath will have the same effect as the farts.


  • Its melee attacks are the same, although it has different elemental weaknesses and strengths. It is weak to Ice, takes no damage from Dragon, is resistant to Fire, and indifferent to Thunder and Water.
  • When in rage mode, most of its attacks are accompanied by farting, making it harder for hunters to attack safely.
  • The Emerald Congalala will eat any meat that players place in its zone, even stopping to eat while being attacked.
  • Emerald Congalala also has 3 new attacks: it breathes out fart gas, can hurl 3 chunks of dung with its tail and it can unleash a massive fart that can be very hard to dodge and sends hunters flying into the air. The second attack is aimed depending on the player's location, so even if one were to be near or behind the Congalala, there are still chances of being hit.
  • His weakness is his tail for Cutting Weapons, and his Head for Impact Weapons.
  • When in a Pitfall Trap watch out when the Emerald Congalala stops writhing about. Non raged it emits a small fart but when enraged it lets go a mega fart that, if hit by, can seriously reduce the effectiveness of the pitfall trap.

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