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The Epioth is a peaceful aquatic herbivore first seen in Monster Hunter 3. They swim in small groups in both the ocean off the Deserted Island and the underwater areas of the Flooded Forest. Their best known predators are the Lagiacrus and Gobul, who both eat them when low on stamina. Being very timid creatures, they will flee when they sense a threat.


  • Epioth, if unthreatened, will occasionally come to the surface for air.
  • Strangely in the Monster Hunter Tri demo, this creature can be carved to obtain "Ludroth" items.
  • In the 1* Quest "Guts: It's What's For Dinner" these are found being attacked by the Lagiacrus whilst the hunter needs to get the guts from them.
  • When a large monster is in the same zone they will swim corkscrews rapidly, sometimes causing an obstruction.

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