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Fish are first introduced in Monster Hunter 3. A variety of different fish species exist and can be generally classified as migratory, natatorial, or carnivorous fish. Fish are likely favorite food source for numerous other aquatic or semi aquatic creatures.
If harmed enough, they will swim away. However, if damaged enough and then speared with a fishing harpoon, they can be carved. Sharqs and Catfish will actually limp when they are weakened.


  • A fish will limp and flee from hunters, when they are ready to be harpooned.
  • Molids are also known as "Sunfish" in the game.
  • Fishes are the first Small Monsters to have a weakness sign, other than Cephalos, that rarely limp when weakened.
  • Jellyfish can paralyze the hunter on contact sometimes, replacing Bnahabras underwater.
  • Jellyfish can sometimes grow to be much larger than normal. This can result in some confusion as it is unclear how far away it is underwater. For this reason they are often mistaken for being closer than they actually are.
  • Tuna and Arowana can easily be missed. They are the size of Giggis and can appear to be part of the background graphics.

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