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Genprey are a species of Bird Wyvern that inhabit Swamps and Deserts. They are also found in the Great Forest and Gorge. They possess a colorful yellow and green hide, and a pair of yellow crests over their eyes. Like all the carnivorous Raptors, these hunters travel in packs. Genprey are the second most powerful of the Raptor species. They are very similar to Velociprey and Ioprey, but sport the unique ability to paralyze their prey with a toxin injected by their fangs.

Their fangs can be combined with a Trap Tool to create Shock Traps in MHF2 and MHFU. By living in the harsh terrain of the deserts, evolution has made them tougher than the Velociprey, meaning that they will inflict and resist more damage.

These minions first appeared in Monster Hunter.

Sometimes, when killed in mid-air or by specific attacks, they, like all Raptors, may be divided into multiple pieces leaving nothing to carve.

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