English Name Giggi
Nickname/s None
English Name Currently Unknown
Romaji Giigi
Japanese Name ギィギ
Japanese Title Unknown
Korean Name N/A
Description and Information
Species Flying Wyvern
Element/s None
Ailment/s 25px/Poison
Weakest to Fire
Weakness Sign Dig underground
Signature Move Leech attack
Habitats Deserted Island, Flooded Forest, Tundra, Sandy Plains, Volcano.
Size Small
Monster in Relation N/A
Chronological Appearances
First Appearance 40px (2009)
First JP Appearances 40px (2009)
Last Appearances 40px (2013)
Generation 3

Giggi are the small leech-like larvae of the Gigginox.

Spawning from large, organic globules (egg cases) in dark caves, they exhibit unique behavior. When the torch is drawn, they retreat in fear; however, when the torch is extinguished, they slowly follow hunters and latch onto them, constantly draining "blood", doing damage similar to the poison effect, and must be "shaken" off. If a Giggi sucks a significant amount of health off the victim, it will be able to do a poison spit. Many hunters find that Giggis are a pain when gathering resources or fighting other monsters.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Monster Hunter 3
File:MH3-Giggi Icon.png
Wyvern larvae. Reasonably fecund, they can survive in any dark environment. Giggi are sensitive to light and heat, and so avoid torches. They are also known to leech from other animals, converting it into toxins.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
File:MHP3rd-Giggi Icon.png


  • Giggi are the only monster in Monster Hunter 3 to inflict the new Life Drain status. To cancel this, just roll/dodge 1 to 4 times to have Giggi fall off.
  • As a Giggi sucks the hunter's blood, it starts to increase in size, but will only reach a certain body mass.
  • Giggi can be found in every environment in Monster Hunter 3, but its adult form, Gigginox, can only be found in the Tundra.
  • Despite not having wings or legs, Giggi are still classified as Flying Wyverns.
  • If a Giggi is not shaken off it may inflict the hunter with poison.
  • When hit twice with a torch, Giggi will flee by hiding underground.

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