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The Gigginox Subspecies is a golden-green colored variation of the Gigginox that makes its appearance in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. It's golden colored on top and a dark bruise-black color on its underside, and its heat-sensing organs glow green instead of purple, unlike the normal Gigginox. It also uses Thunder and Paralysis instead of Poison. When enraged, its golden skin turns a bloody red colour reminiscent of the Red Khezu. Instead of poison blobs, this Gigginox produces electrical blob sacs that explode. It can also generate electricity over its whole body in a similar manner to the Khezu.


  • It does not do a body slam attack filled with electricity like the original Gigginox does (with poison); instead it has an electric field attack much like the Lagiacrus or the Khezu.
  • Gigginox Subspecies has a different Pin Attack to its normal counterpart - instead of clinging to the ceiling and pulling the hunter in, it will "fake" an electric field, then leap at the Hunter.
    • This can be predicted if the electricity that is produced around its mouth is colored blue.
    • This can also be predicted if there is no wave of electricity under it.
  • Gigginox Subspecies can recover Stamina by preying on Herbivores, such as Bullfango.
  • Unlike normal Gigginox, Gigginox Subspecies do not lay hatching eggs. Instead they produce exploding 'eggs' that release electricity, similar to how Gigginox sometimes releases poisonous, exploding 'eggs'.
  • If the head of Gigginox Subspecies is broken it will shoot out blue balls of lightning instead of the normal yellow balls. These blue orbs will no longer cause Paralysis. However, its electric field will continue to inflict Paralysis.

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