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A monkey-like creature with giant claws and the unique ability to shoot webs from its hands. It is only found in the mysterious Tide Island. Gogomoa is unique, in that it carries around its child (Kokomoa) on its back.


  • Hunters can "cut" the web whenever it tries to perform the websling quick dash. If successfully cut, Gogomoa will trip, leaving an opening for an attack.
  • While swinging across the trees it will gain KO vulnerability on its tail, meaning you can KO it by hitting the tail while he is in mid-air.
  • When dealt enough damage, Gogomoa's child will fall off its back. If the child is heavily damaged, Gogomoa will rage with a noticeable red aura. During this Angry Phase her attack speed is doubled. Its susceptibility to damage also skyrockets, allowing much faster kills.
    • The baby Gogomoa is not slain, however, but instead flees by digging underground. When Gogomoa leaves to another area the baby will join it again.
  • Hitting Gogomoa while it uses any of its web-based attacks will, if timed correctly, will create a big orange-reddish flash and stagger it once the attack is over. Or it smashes the Gogomoa out of the air and takes effect a second after landing on the ground.

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