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The Great Baggi is a Bird Wyvern of the Tundra in Monster Hunter 3. Its moveset is generally similar to the Great Jaggi, although the Great Baggi is tougher overall.

Its eyes will glow yellow in the dark. Unlike the Jaggi, it is not sexually dimorphic and can be either the Alpha Male or Alpha Female of a pack. Great Baggi is also slightly larger than the Great Jaggi. It has developed its own unique ability; it can spit a tranquilizing liquid that inflicts sleep on its prey or hunters. Smaller Baggi are also able to spit a weaker form of this liquid. Located on its head is a crest that can be obtained in a way similar to Great Jaggi's frill. Great Baggi and Great Jaggi are often seen to be hostile towards other boss monsters; when in the same area they will occasionally cease fighting the hunter to attack other monsters. Great Baggi will retreat to Area 7 of the Tundra and eat from the bone pile when low on Stamina. It will appear in all areas of the map except for Areas 5 and 6.


  • Great Baggi returns in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.
  • Both the Great Jaggi and Great Baggi have the same armor designs but with different colors and defense.
  • Great Baggi is the largest of the Raptorial Bird Wyverns.
  • In MH3U, the Great Baggi gains a new attack where it spits and jumps backwards at the same time.

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