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The Great Jaggi is a Raptorial Bird Wyvern monster first featured in Monster Hunter Tri, and subsequently appearing in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. It is easily recognizeable by its long, barbed tail and the large frills on the sides of its head. The Great Jaggi is larger and bulkier than other Alpha Raptors such as Velocidrome, and gives three carves instead of two.

Great Jaggi, along with the Great Baggi, may attack other boss monsters instead of focusing solely on the hunter, indicating a highly competitive and intelligent demeanor. It can also call its pack of Jaggi to its aid at any time with a loud, resonating roar. Being a larger and more powerful dominant male of Jaggi and Jaggia, it is considered by players to be the boss of these monsters. Its alpha status is much more prominent than that of previous Dromes, as it features many of the characteristics of full-fledged boss monsters — the ability to become enraged, limping when weak, and having a breakable part. One should note that the Great Jaggi can be summoned by the Qurupeco at the Deserted Island, Sandy Plains and the Mountain Peaks.


  • Great Jaggi recovers stamina by eating from a bone pile or a meat.
  • Great Jaggi has two different roars. Its first roar sounds like a the call of a howler monkey, and summons Jaggi to the area. Its second roar sounds more like a howling wolf, and will cause any Jaggi and Jaggia in the same area to gang up and attack the hunter.
  • Great Jaggi are one of several boss monsters in MH3 who cannot have their tails severed, along with the Great Baggi, Qurupeco, Gigginox, Ceadeus, and Jhen Mohran. However, Ceadeus and Gigginox can have their tail damaged.
  • The Great Jaggi will always be accompanied by at least two Jaggi. If they are killed, the Great Jaggi will call two more Jaggi to his side.
  • If the Great Jaggi does not notice a hunter, and there are Aptonoth in the area, it may attack them, though it will not eat them.
  • Great Jaggi returns in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. It is largely unchanged, although it can now be found in the new Area, the Mountain Peaks.

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