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The Great Thunderbugs are small, wispy globes of light, which appear to be swarming Thunderbugs. They are about the size of a Vespoid, and have a tendency to float around the area rather than attack the Hunter.

They are also known to change into two different colors: blue and reddish-white. When in its normal and docile state, they are blue, but when attempting to attack, the blue hue becomes a fierce, glowing reddish-white; if they strike a Hunter in this state they will cause notable damage.

They are naturally found in the Tower and Jungle. Eyewitness reports also claim that some Elder Dragons are hosts to them, providing a safe environment in which to mature. A famous example of this is the Yama Tsukami. However, the Great Thunderbugs released by Yama Tsukami are unique in that they can explode.

When slain, there's a small chance that they will drop an item. Only 6 different items can be collected from them. They cannot be killed by poison, in the same way as Vespoids or Hornetaurs, to ensure a higher drop rate.

In MHP3rd, they are often found with Jinouga. However, these Thunderbugs appear to be smaller and don't explode.

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