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Gypceros is a medium sized Bird Wyvern most noted for its strong poison and its eccentric, birdlike mannerisms.

Gypceros have a breakable crest on its head, which it can pound against its hard nasal boss to ignite a tremendous flash, dizzying everything within a considerable radius. Its tail is composed of specialized, especially stretchy tissue, which behaves similarly to rubber. The Gypceros attacks in a drunken manner, often staggering wildly forward and hacking up bursts of toxic fluid, and thus can sometimes intimidate an inexperienced hunter. Gypceros are immune to Shock Traps due to its non-conductive rubbery hide.


  • As of Monster Hunter G, it is known to eat meat placed on the ground.
  • In Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, in G-Leveled quests of the monster, when a hunter breaks its crest and it tries to flash unsuccessfully, instead of the dizzying flash, it ignites a poison gas similar to the flaming gas that a Basarios uses to hunters.
  • In MHFU, G-rank Gypceros' poison is more purple in colour and depletes health at a faster rate than ordinary poison.
  • Breaking the Crystal on the head gives the chances of obtaining a Lightcrystal.
    • Breaking this crystal stops the Gypceros from using its flash attack. After breaking the crystal, Gypceros will try flashing unsuccessfully.

Featured QuestsEdit

  • Gypceros: Venomous Terror (LV★★★ village quest)
  • The Poison Seige (LV★★★★★ village quest)
  • Stealing in the Old Swamp! (LV7★ Nekoht quest)
  • Sleepy Miasma, Poison Mist (LV8★ Nekoht quest)
  • Chase the Poison Gypceros! (LV★★★★ Guild quest)
  • The Poison Gas (LV★★★★★★★ Guild quest)
  • Stealing in the Jungle! (G1★ Guild quest)
  • Operation Tropical Storm (G2★ Guild quest)

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