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Icestick is a counterpart of Jack Frost and spread winter wherever he goes. He is a member of Awesome Defenders



Like the original Jack Frost, he was alone for 300 years but his time was alternated when Sticktan sense that he was in danger on the hands of Dark Stick (counterpart of Pitch). Ice refused to come with him but Titan clarified that he can't go back on his world and stuck here forever. He still refuses and find some place to be alone. He then joined Sticktan the other day when he found out that Dark went on the world and the Guardians under his control.




He is light blue stickman and clothes like the original one. He also have a staff and helps him spread the winter all over the world.


  • Can freeze everything in just one touch of his staff
  • Can travel in lightning speed with the help of his elemental friend (Wind)


Say "Freeze"!

  • Freezes the target(s) and give his comrades a chance to attack


  • He will create icicles on the air and controls it like missiles


  • Bonus Attack (or so called Ultra Attack)
  • Creates a snowstorm to freeze everything in sight (including his comrades) for 10 seconds.

The Fan of Wiki's TriviaEdit

  • His real name was Chill "Ice" Recker.
  • His last name was taken from reckless because he was reckless and cause accidents sometimes.
  • His rival is Flaming Stick who is his alternative counterpart and one of the ice's weaknesses.

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