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Iodromes are the alpha males of the Ioprey. They are significantly larger than normal Ioprey and possess larger crests. They travel with their pack for protection. When threatened, Iodromes spit Poison from the poison sac in their throat. Unlike other 'dromes, Iodromes have a more amphibian look, with salamander-like skin that needs moisture, and frog-like throat sacs. They are mostly seen in the swamp and volcano zones.

Being the strongest of all the 'dromes, the Iodromes are a good challenge for beginning hunters. Although not as strong as Flying Wyverns, they can quickly cripple hunters with the power of numbers and poison. Iodromes are a threat to new hunters because of their speed, agility and considerable strength.

Iodromes first appeared in Monster Hunter.

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