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Ioprey are a species of Bird Wyvern, characterized by their red-orange hide and rounded head crest. Hunters familiar with Ioprey have observed that their permeable skin constantly need moisture. For this reason, Ioprey tend to dwell in danker regions - such as the Swamp and Jungle - where they can easily avoid dehydration. However, Ioprey are still found in places outside these comfortable habitats, such as in the Fortress, Volcano and even the drier Great Forest.

Ioprey are easily distinguishable from other Raptor species thanks to their larger size and bulbous frog-like throat sac. This enlarged throat houses the Ioprey's potent poison sac, which gives it the ability to spit poison at its foes. Whilst this might be a small nuisance to experienced hunters, the fact Ioprey hunt in packs can quickly make them a dangerous threat to a hunter not carrying a supply of Antidotes. The duration and toxicity of the poison varies between Ioprey found at different Ranks. Those found in G-Rank will last much longer and be far more punishing than those of Low or High Rank.

Like all Raptor species, if killed mid-jump, an Ioprey is likely to divide into multiple pieces, leaving nothing behind for the hunter to carve from. Similar to its cousins, an alpha male Ioprey, known as an Iodrome, controls a pack.

The Ioprey's first appearance was in Monster Hunter, and they reappeared in every following game, with the exceptions of Monster Hunter Tri, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and Monster Hunter Tri-G


  • Ioprey have the highest health of the Prey species.
  • Poison Sacs may be carved from Ioprey in Monster Hunter and Monster Hunter Freedom.

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