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Kelbi are small, deer-like herbivores that are highly timid and tend to run away at the first hint of danger. They are hunted for their horns, which are used to make highly restorative potions.

Kelbis are often hunted by both Large predatory Monsters, and Hunters alike. Kelbi are a favorite prey of the Nargacuga, who are a constant threat in most jungle environments.


  • In the offline mode of Monster Hunter Tri, there are four types of Kelbi, a small blue form, a green one with more prominent horns, a larger blue one that has a high chance of yielding Blue Kelbi Horns, and a green Kelbi with unusually large horns. This herbivore can be found in Moga Woods and can be carved for the Blue Kelbi Horn commodity. They can be observed more frequently during the mating season, where several may be in the woods at the same time.The large green Kelbi are bolder than others of thier kind, and will actually attempt to attack a hunter if they get too close to the herd.
    • This unique type of Kelbi has been infamously called by Monster Hunter players as "Kelbidrome"
  • In Monster Hunter Tri, Kelbis can be KO'd (by either a shield bash, sword slap, or hammer smash) and carved alive. This will yield a larger chance of obtaining Kelbi Horns, Blue Kelbi Horns, or Firedouse Berries.
  • A lit torch or flame aura can cause kelbi to stand still, making them easier to attack.
  • Kelbi can be found in the Snowy Mountains in Frontier. A Kelbi corpse also appears there in the intro to Monster Hunter 2.

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