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Khezu is a species of Flying Wyvern often found in the cold dampness of caves. Spending most of their lives in the dark, Khezu's eyes have regressed greatly, though they make up for this with a superb sense of smell. A layer of fat helps to keep them warm and prolong the time they can spend fasting.

Khezus are hermaphrodites, which means an individual is both male and female. To reproduce they paralyze a creature and inject their young, known as Khezu Whelps. The Whelps grow inside their victim until it dies, or when they are strong enough to leave.

Although Khezu are cave dwellers, they go out when they please, or when food inside grows too scarce. While a Khezu outside a cave is vulnerable to larger Wyverns like Tigrex , inside caves the Khezu has the advantage. In addition to being unhampered by the dark, they can cling to the ceiling and attack from above.

The Khezu's habitat is often located near active sources of water; some sources[1] claim this is because the water is excellent for conducting electricity into their prey.

Khezu are unusual in that, while they are classified as Flying Wyverns, their wings are rarely used for flight. Instead they prefer to use them for crawling across cave ceilings.


  • A Khezu's tail has a suction-cup-like mouth with teeth in it. They use this to attach themselves to a ceiling, and to ground themselves when performing an electrical attack.
  • As shown in the Ecology video, the flabby hide of a Khezu is covered in a thin, wet liquid-like membrane. Its purpose is unknown.
  • The saliva of a Khezu has strong acidic properties that can burn the floor of caves and damage hunters.
  • In Monster Hunter 2, the Khezu gained the ability to leap out at the hunter while generating its signature electrical field. In MHFU its gained a thunder bite, and an improved thunder blast where it shoots out more thunder balls than the normal move; this is highly predictable because a bolt of electricity runs across Khezu's mouth when charging the attack.
  • In Monster Hunter Frontier Season 8.0, a HC Khezu was released, with new attacks; it can now fire multiple ground lightning balls that scattering widely, and fire ground lightning balls upon landing. Sometimes it also covers itself in electricity after performing a electrical ball attack. Finally, it also has another roar, which is much shorter then the first one but paralyzes Earplugs-less hunters for a longer time.[1]
  • There are Quests in MHFU that require the Hunter to slay or capture tiny Khezus. These Khezus are perhaps Khezu Whelps who are strong enough to leave the carcass in which they were born. The tiny Khezus have a high pitched voice, due to their miniscule size. Their roars are notably shorter, and leaves the hunter incapacitated a bit longer.
  • Khezu are one of the few (if not the only) Wyverns in the Monster Hunter world that do not activate the "Yellow Eye" debuf on the Hunter. This could be considered a disadvantage due to the fact that it does not allow a Hunter to do a panic dive to avoid attacks. No background music plays, even for sidekick monsters, eg. Giadrome.

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