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The King Shakalaka are Shakalakas that wear larger mask, have a club instead of a knife, and a BBQ spit on top of their heads. They are known for appearing in Area 5 of the Forest and Hills after 9 Shakalaka have been slain. It has increased health compared to regular Shakalakas.

In MHFU, for the first time, they are semi-boss monsters. They are surprisingly strong, doing a large deal of damage, especially when with a large group of Shakalakas, which also makes them difficult to hit. It now has a rage mode, in which its BBQ spit's fire gets larger and it shoots small fireballs. They can be found in Area 8 of the Great Forest during certain quests only. Their masks can be carved for Shakalaka Treasure, Shakalaka Inheritance, Armor Sphere, Armor Sphere+, Hard Armor Sphere, Heavy Armor sphere, and even an extremely rare Royal Armor sphere.

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