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Kuarusepusu is a new monster introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Season Forward 4. It is the first Leviathan to make an appearance in the Frontier series. It mainly inhabits the Highland and Desert areas and is capable of using the Thunder Element and the Fire Element.


  • All legs and tail can be broken, along with flesh around the head.
  • Kuarusepusu's moves are affected by the weather. In sunlight, it can use its crystals to shine and K.O Hunters; in the rain, they are used to summon lightning bolts.
    • Hitting these crystals in either weather condition will add a special effect to your weapon strikes for 1 hit.
  • Being a Leviathan, Kuarusepusu has some attacks in common with Lagiacrus and Agnaktor.
  • Kuarusepusu Gou (クアルセプス剛種) is currently the only monster to date that has 2 types of Gou (剛) proofs.
    • His Gou weapons all share the trait that they have a ridiculous amount of Elemental power. Such as the base form of the Sword and Shield having 1000 Thunder Element.

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