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Lagiacrus is a blue Leviathan that mostly dwells in the sea/deep bodies of water and comes onto beaches to sunbathe. It has a hood-like crest on its neck to aid in sunbathing. Lagiacrus is the flagship monster of Monster Hunter 3.

The dermal spikes on its back glow white when it is using strong thunder attacks, and its mouth gurgles with Thunder when it is enraged. Lagiacrus is found only at the Deserted Island and Flooded Forest. It is most at home in the water, but also is more than capable of fighting on land.

When a Lagiacrus is fully sunbathed, it turns a dry grayish-blue color and its dermal spikes turn a pale red, such as in the picture above. When it returns to the water, Lagiacrus regains a striking deep blue color and its spikes return to their original color of a very light beige.


  • Breaking its dermal spikes is said to reduce its ability to use electrical attacks.
  • Hitting Lagiacrus with any kind of bomb (including Sonic Bombs and Crag/Cluster shots) underwater may cause it to drop an item (Shiny).
  • A Lagiacrus either will eat an Epioth or come up on land for air to recover Stamina - however, both often give no indication of Stamina recovery.
  • Lagiacrus roar underwater has the same effect as a Sonic bomb on monster.
  • The Lagiacrus is the biggest Leviathan that dwells in the water, since the Ceadeus is considered an Elder Dragon.
  • When Lagiacrus hits an underwater pillar or a rock and destroys it, it may drop a 'Shiny' (Offline mode only).
  • When encountered for the first time offline, in the 1* Village Quest: "Guts- It's what's for dinner"; Lagiacrus cannot be killed. Its body parts can be broken, and its tail can be carved, but it will only go as far as limping, and cannot be killed until the Urgent Quest in the Village.
  • The Lagiacrus is one of the only two monsters in Monster Hunter Tri to have a weapon in every category. The other is Alatreon.
  • When present in Deserted Island, Lagiacrus will on rare occasion leave the water and venture no further inland than Area 5.
  • Even if the Lagiacrus' tail is cut or its parts broken in the "Trial of the Sea Dragon" urgent quest, it will return in "Fell the Lagiacrus" healed and unwounded.
  • Lagiacrus does not return in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. However, it does appear in MH Diary: Poka Poka Airu Village, and makes an appearance in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

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