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An extremely rare subspecies of Lagiacrus fought in the Underwater Ruin. It is dark indigo in coloring, with bio-luminescence all over its shell, and bears glowing red eyes. Even the spikes on its hood and tail glow white. Its head spikes are longer and more prominent than the other species.

It seems to always be in a fully charged state; all of its spikes constantly glow electric blue. It can fire electrical blasts from its mouth, very much like the Lagiacrus Subspecies' blast, that send pulses of electricity everywhere. It can also spin rapidly in circles, creating whirlpools.


  • Its electrical discharge attack is much stronger than its counterparts, and also covers a wider area.
  • A hunter can get five carves from it rather than the usual three.
  • The Tower's battle theme plays during the fight against Lagiacrus Rare Species.
  • The Dragonator can be used to damage it.
  • Lagiacrus Rare Species is unaffected by traps, and cannot be captured-much like Elder Dragons.
  • The Lagiacrus Rare Species can create three whirlpools which can deal a lot of damage to a hunter.
  • When low in stamina, it will fail to do its electric blast attack.

Damage infoEdit

The damage that Lagiarus Rare Species takes in each state (eg. rage mode), on different parts of its body. The areas with a darker or deeper red on the below image take the least damage and move up in a colour scale, bright red being the most vulnerable to attacks.

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