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Lunastra is a medium sized, blue-tinted, female counterpart of the Teostra. They commonly live in high cool Towers, and hot regions like the Volcanoes. Lunastra has also been spotted in the a Desert by a few hunters. Lunastra is the offline final boss for Monster Hunter 2.


Lunastra, and their male version Teostra, are unique monsters because they actually use their Flame Sac to produce a fire breathing effect, rather than just a beam or a fireball. The Lunastra can produce a highly flammable powder and, by using its wings, spread it across the air. It then gnashes its teeth to create a spark, which then causes the powder around itself to ignite and explode. The explosions have random range; they can be either close, reasonably far away or very far away from where she's standing. If the sparks are red, then the explosions will be close, but if the sparks are yellow, then the explosions will be distant.


  • Because the yellow dust means the explosions occur further away, as soon as you see them, you should launch a full fledged attack.
  • Lunastra is not available in Guild Quests; they are only found in Village quests.
  • G Lvl Lunastra armor (Empress X) is obtainable; it requires High Rank Lunastra materials, and G Lvl Teostra materials.
  • Like Teostra and Kushala Daora, when Lunastra is poisoned, its flame aura disappears.
  • In Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and Unite, after slaying a Lunastra, the old peddler woman will give players a Biography of the Hero of Jumbo, which can be used to craft a Sword and Shield.
  • The horns can only be broken using a Dragon Element weapon.
  • Lunastra uses the same moves as its male counterpart Teostra, but there are some little differences; it can produce an explosion with its tail whip and it always rotates its head before charging.
  • In the Volcanic Belt, Lunastra will only alternate between Areas 7, 6, and 4 except for the first fight, whilst in the Tower the hunter would be locked in a 1-on-1 fight in Area 10, with a giant boulder blocking the exit. However, she can also appear in Area 5 of the Tower for a while, before leaving for Area 10.
  • A good armor skill to use when fighting Lunastra is the Terrain Skill.
    • +10 Will halve the damage done when in contact with lava and the Aura, but not at the same time.
    • +15 Will negate the damage done when in contact with lava and the Aura, but again, not at the same time.

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