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The Mosswine are small, moss-covered pigs that are frequently found in grassy, forested or swampy areas. They are known to have a great appetite for mushrooms. Hunters and marketers commonly observe them to identify an area of Special Mushrooms.

Mosswine are docile by nature, but will attack if provoked. They are mostly hunted for their mushroom-tracking abilities and their meat. There is a Mosswine Armor that requires the highly elusive Mosswine Pelt item to craft.

The Mosswine first appeared in Monster Hunter.


  • Capcom released a one-day only Event Quest on April 1, 2012 in Monster Hunter Frontier for an April Fool's Day 2012 event. It is an SR1 Quest that features a very different Mosswine. It has a red aura, a slightly larger and spikier headplate and can charge faster than an ordinary Mosswine (and even faster than a Bullfango or a Bulldrome). All kinds of sharpness will deflect on it, and it can only be killed by countering its attack twice.
  • Mosswines are usually located within zones that contain Mushroom Gathering Points.
  • Mosswine may pose a threat should there be a boss monster around, as even getting hit by the wind of a boss monster will provoke them into charging at the Hunter.
  • It can be killed in about 5 kicks with out "FelyneKickboxer" in MHFU

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