Naco Agul
English Name: Naco Agul
Nicknames: None
Titles: Clawed Icebeast Naco Agul
Romaji: Nako Aguuru
Japanese Name: ナコ・アグール
Japanese Title: 氷爪獣 (Ice Claw Beast)
Description and Information
Species: persumably Pelagus
Element/s: Ice?
Ailment/s: {{{ailment}}}
Weakest to:  ?
Weakness Sign: {{{weakness}}}
Signature Move: {{{moves}}}
Habitats: Snowy Mountains
Size: Medium-Large
Monsters in Relation:  ?
Chronological Appearances
First US/EU Appearance: MH Orage #7
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Latest Appearance: {{{last}}}
Generation: 3

Naco Agul is a saber toothed, big cat-like monster presented only in the Monster Hunter Orage. It has a leopard-like pelt, hard scaled white legs & white mane. It is extremely fast and agile in combat.

Nako Aguuru armor, as illustrated in MH Orage 9, has a signature look of flaunting a leopard like print from the monster's hide, at least for Blademasters. It is unknown if this armor has any natural skills. But from an early speculation of the fur feeling warm to the touch(a speculation spoken by Shiki from Orage 8), and considering the Naco Agul resides in a snowy area, it is possible for the armor to have properties like an increased tolerance of the cold.

File:MH Orage Chapter 9.jpg


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