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A third subspecies for Nargacuga appears in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. It has azure scales of a metallic shine and a golden-coloured chest. Known as the Moon Swift Wyvern, Nargacuga Rare Species has the ability to go invisible, and perform a double tail slam like its green relative. All of its tail attacks have spikes flying in all directions when its tail spikes are extended. This subspecies of Nargacuga can also extend its spikes by shaking its tail, even when it's not enraged. Similarly, its tail spikes may not be extended when it is enraged until it shakes its tail.


  • Nargacuga Rare Species has a much harder head than its two Subspecies; even sharp weapons tend to bounce off it. It's head requires the skill Mind's Eye or Purple Sharpness so that it will not bounce off.
  • The spikes from its tail inflict Poison.
  • Nargacuga Rare Species' roar has a much wider range than its other two counterpart's, but still only requires standard earplugs to block.
  • Nargacuga Rare Species can be carved 4 times instead of the usual 3 (although the tail can still only be carved once).
  • Unlike Chameleos, Nargacuga Rare Species is capable of rendering itself completely invisible, while he performs his "Strafe" or "Back Jump"-maneuver, except for the red eye trails during rage mode.

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