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A green colored subspecies of the Nargacuga which appears in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. The Nargacuga Subspecies resides in the Mountain Peaks, the Deserted Island, and the Flooded Forest. Its tail ends in a red spike. This subspecies was announced in the 3rd Promotional Trailer of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.

Although the Nargacuga Subspecies is very fast and agile, like the regular Nargacuga, it has a few new tricks up its sleeve. While it has many of the same attacks as the regular Nargacuga, its true ferocity becomes apparent when it's enraged. It can perform a Tail Slam, then jump and smash again in an attempt to hit the hunter. Like the regular smash, it leaves it vulnerable while it tries to pry its tail free. Its tail slam is guaranteed to stun a hunter if it connects, making it particularly dangerous.


  • Breaking the head of the Nargacuga Subspecies will leave its right eye cut out, instead of its left eye being cut.
  • It preys on Kelbi to recover Stamina.
  • Whenever enraged, Nargacuga Subspecies will hop twice instead of once before roaring.
  • Occasionally, Jaggi, Furogi, and their larger counterparts will attack the Nargacuga Subspecies. The Nargacuga Subspecies may also attack them.
  • Nargacuga Subspecies' tail can be cut even if the creature isn't in Rage mode unlike the regular Nargacuga in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.
  • The Nargacuga Subspecies is unique in that its tail spikes are capable of causing KO and doesn't cause the hunter to fly.
  • After the second tail slam, the Nargacuga Subspecies takes a longer amount of time in order to pry it off as compared to a single tail slam, leaving itself more vulnerable for attack.

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