Off-World Outlaw is an evil cowboy-like villain that was seen in Episode 257-494. He was recruited by Control Freak with the Creature from Jones Lake and Seven-Gorn-Seven to capture the Teen Titans. He was trying to capture Robin, but he was defeated.

He appears again in Calling All Titans. The Brotherhood of Evil sent Control Freak and the Puppet King to capture an Honorary Titan named Killowat. When the Creature from Jones Lake was destroyed, Control Freak summons Off-World Outlaw to attack Killowat. However, Off-World Outlaw was about to use his guns, but Killowat used one blast which defeated Off-World Outlaw less than a second. The rest of the villains the Control Freak summoned were all destroyed.


  • Off-World Outlaw looks like a cross between Freddy Krueger and a cowboy.

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