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Pariapuria is a four-legged amphibious monster that lives in the the watery caves of the Gorge. Pariapuria was first seen during Monster Hunter Frontier 5.0 update. It has a long blue tongue and a long tail used for propelling itself in water.

Pariapuria is a glutton, continuously eating anything around it; eating too much makes him vomit. It borrows some attacks from Tigrex, including the boulder throw and charges. However, Pariapuria's signature ability is regurgitating the food it ate. When this is done sometimes pieces of its insides are also released which hunters may carve for extra rewards.


  • Its tail, head, and spine can be broken.
  • Its vomit can be carved.
  • To gain his Acid (pink Potion icon) one must capture it (2% reward chance), or carve its vomit (20%, depending on the color).
  • It gets very slow when it is fed lots of meat, a sign that it will vomit soon.
  • Pariapuria cannot be poisoned, paralyzed or put to sleep. This is probably due to eating such a large amount of toxic food.
  • It is vulnerable to both Shock and Pitfall Traps.
  • Whilst it is most commonly found in the Gorge, it can also be spotted in the lower, lake-filled areas of the Highlands.
  • Unlike most monsters, Pariapuria has no Rage Mode.

Feeding StrategyEdit

Pariapuria is a glutton, eating any placed meat at any time of battle. Some items, such as Acid, can only be carved from Pariapuria's vomit. The main problem with this is getting it to vomit without unwanted effects from eating too many meats of the same kind. Pariapuria will attack violently if it eats the wrong kind of meat. To determine what is the right kind of meat, one must check Pariapuria's saliva colour, and place the meat with the same colour as the saliva (e.g, if its purple saliva, poisoned meat will be placed). If it eats the meat, it will become calm and just walk around for a while (similarly to a calm Espinas), making it possible for the hunter to attack without the worry of getting hit. Because of this, Pariapuria can be easy to hunt if fed the right kind of meat.

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